About Us

About us



  • Established in 2010, Laughing Roo Travel is a down to earth travel company created to give visitors to Vietnam a holiday experience & top quality service only local people can provide. Founded by an Australian and his Vietnamese wife, the team at Laughing Roo Travel is committed to ensuring you receive the information and support you need to have a great Vietnam holiday.
  • Laughing Roo Travel is based in Hoi An Vietnam and all of the team at Laughing Roo Travel are English speaking with the passion and experience to help ensure you have a great holiday and see as much of the real Vietnam as possible.


  • The personnel at Laughing Roo are a team of people who have only one aim:
  • To work tirelessly to help ensure travellers from all over the world enjoy their Vietnam holiday experience to the fullest.
  • Please think of the team at Laughing Roo as your travel partners and not simply just another travel service. We are focused on providing you the information and assistance you need to have a great Vietnam holiday experience.


  • Personnel at Laughing Roo have been involved in the Vietnam travel industry for many years and built up a comprehensive network of trusted tourism professionals, who between them provide a wide range of quality services throughout all of Vietnam.
  • As a Laughing Roo customer you are privileged to be able to take advantage of the knowledge, skills and services that can be provided by such a wide range of industry professionals.
  • The team at Laughing Roo listen carefully and as your travel partner work tirelessly to satisfy and coordinate your needs and offer you details on the wide range of options available.
  • Laughing Roo is based in Hoi An which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for it’s architecture and tailor shops. In addition to our normal services, Laughing Roo customers visiting Hoi An will have access to valuable local knowledge regarding shopping and dinning areas which will serve to further increase your holiday enjoyment.


  • Travel services covering all Vietnam
  • Accommodation bookings
  • Vietnam travel advice
  • Motor cycle tours around Hoi An & Da Nang
  • Local advice on travelling, shopping and eating in and around Hoi An
  • Car transport.
  • Viet nam Package tour ( in the Northern, Southern,…)
  • Hoi An, Local tour, Hue Tour